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Chris Achenbach, Langlee Community Choir's Musical Director

Our Musical Director, Chris Achenbach, has been a huge draw for choir members, some saying that he was the main reason they joined. It's his leadership skills, and reputation for being a talented musician and all round good egg that have encouraged folk to join. It seems that the man is a bit of a legend around here, such that most members had heard of him prior to joining. Those of us who hadn't heard of him before soon began to realise some of the incredible depth of his musical ability. Come along to a performance and see for yourself.

Chris in his element

Chris is a professional musician with his own business as a music therapist, tutor, and published author. He teaches piano, organ and keyboard, but his web site tells you so much more about what he does that I don't need to go into it here. He is well known as the Musical Director of the Borders Big Band whose performances get everyone's feet tapping and heads nodding.

Chris obviously has a plethora of strings to his bow and arranges our repertoire according to our technical abilities, gently raising the bar and cajoling us into slightly more challenging pieces as we grow. Some of us see him as an animateur as he encourages us to understand and appreciate the music we perform, rather than just sing it. He somehow manages to bring an effortless best out in everyone, without us noticing, at least until he smiles and says, "Now THAT's the level we're aiming for... every time."

There's a lot of banter and sharing of funny stories during rehearsals too, and mischief can ensue from choir and Musical Director in equal measure!

I joined Langlee Community Choir because...
"I really enjoy singing and we are very fortunate to have Chris Achenbach at the helm."
Chris's SoundCloud
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