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About Us - The Choir and The Feel Good Factor
Rehearsals: Every Monday, 7.15 - 8.30 p.m.
Main Hall, Langlee Community Centre
Marigold Drive, Galashiels. TD1 2LP.

Recording our first CD 'Langlee Sings' 2014

A survey into the members' reasons for joining the choir gave us an insight into why we quickly became a harmoniously united single organism. We truly are of one voice when it comes to our realisation that singing is fun, and many have cited love of singing and music as their reason for joining.

We've been in the right place at the right time for gathering up experienced singers who have been seeking out a choir either because their previous choir has folded, or they have sung lots of classical pieces and wanted to sing something a bit more fun. We've

also got former school choir members rising like phoenixes from the ashes of past performances, and singing like linties. We would love more singers in the teens 'n' twenties age group though, so if you love singing, want to try it for the first time in a choir, or you need something to help boost your confidence to sing solo, then join us. And if you do your singing into a hair dryer in the bedroom, then come and share your voice with us.

There's no doubt that singing has positive and uplifting effects, and probably releases lots of those sometimes elusive endorphins that help us to feel good. Feeling good really does come from within, and this is somehow intensified when singing in a choir.
I joined Langlee Community Choir because... "My wife told me to!"

It's fantastic in rehearsals when get to the end of a song, and the sound of the last note lingers in the air for a moment, even if it's been a rabble rousing song by Rabbie Burns. It's akin to those occasions that leave your feathers all standing up on end, like when Hayley Westenra or All Angels leave a sweet note hovering high in the acoustics of a church.

Singing in a choir is an excellent confidence booster too. At Langlee Community Choir we don't audition for members; you only need the will to enjoy yourself. There's certainly no pressure, and you won't be asked to sing solo, but if Chris decides there's an opportunity for someone to do so, and you want to volunteer, don't be shy to raise your hand and give it a go.

We wear black trousers or skirts, with bright red shirts or tops for performances (as modelled in the photo to left), but we very much encourage individual style in our appearance. This gets most flamboyant at Christmas when all the fancy headgear and tinsel come out with the tree. Also, our Christmas concerts have occasionally been infiltrated by a bunch of rowdy Mexicans, complete with sombreros!
Whether you haven't sung since being in the school choir, want to try it for the first time, want something to do on a Monday night, or your spouse just tells you to, please come along and join the fun.
We currently make a voluntary contribution of £1 per person to choir funds. Stay for a cuppa after rehearsals if you would like to make new friends. Sometimes one of our domestic gods or goddesses might donate some homebaking! If you need more information before coming along, contact us and we'll be delighted to tell you more about it.
Rehearsals: Every Monday, 7.15 - 8.30p.m.
Main Hall, Langlee Community Centre, Marigold Drive, Galashiels. TD1 2LP.
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All photographs on this site are either our own or permission has been requested for their use, with special thanks to Jim Paxton, Graham Borthwick, and Pauline Currie. Our gratitude to all those who have made a contribution to this web site.
Langlee Community Choir was founded in 2012 by Langlee Residents Association
Thank you to Langlee Residents Association for giving us this opportunity to come together in such a fun and uplifting way.